• Our mission is to provide a cohesive and comprehensive approach to leadership development that equips leaders at all levels in the church for fruitful service and effective ministry, in the Midwest and beyond.  Check out this video for a brief introduction to our work and our Certificate in Ministry Foundations (CMF) program.

    Jeremy Lefler
    Executive Director - Midwest Institute of Ministry
Impacting the Church, Furthering Our Mission

About Our Graduates

  • We have 25 year olds coming out of the program that know more about exegesis, hermeneutics, and the application of scripture than I did, maybe at age 40.  They’re equipped in their knowledge of scripture, and in their capacity for ministry. They’re able to handle both basic discipling situations and more complicated counseling needs.

    Dave Eastman
    Evangelist: Rise Church Indianapolis
  •  This training has been directly responsible for some significant character growth and development in our graduates.  They are not simply better speakers.  They’re better disciples and better ministers.  As a whole they are a lot more capable.  They’re mature and extremely thoughtful and there’s a level of confidence that I would attribute directly to the training they’ve received.

    Ruben Marbury
    Evangelist: Chicago Ministry Center
  • Our MIM grads are all top notch players and contributors in our work in Chicago.  I respect every one of them.  They do a great job in their ministry work, both before the congregation and in smaller settings.  They have great depth, a willingness to learn, and in many cases maturity beyond their years.

    Todd Fink
    Elder - Chicago Church of Christ

Which Certificate Program is Right for You or Your Church?

Ministry Foundations

This program is designed as a foundational ministry training program for staff, elders, deacons, and any other students looking for rigorous, but accessible training.

Small Group Leadership

Designed with small-group leaders in mind, this program offers online self-directed learning that serves as a valuable foundation for their work in the church