Program Design

Certificate in Small Group Leadership

Designed with small-group leaders in mind, this program offers online self-directed learning that serves as a valuable foundation for their work in the church.  Launching in the Spring of 2021, this program will require no application and is open to disciples of Jesus who want to learn, wherever they may be. 

Program Design

This program provides a framework of ministry principles, tools, and skills to equip small group leaders for their work in the church.  It offers 6 core courses and several electives to address other important topics and needs.  Courses are flexible and accessible and are offered entirely online at the student’s pace.  Students completing all 6 core courses and 2 additional courses of their choice, receive a Certificate in Small Group Leadership.

Our instructors work in their areas of expertise, have degrees in their field, and have decades of ministry experience.

A Typical Course

Courses are hosted online and students consume course materials on their own, at their own pace.  Lecture videos are short and focused.  Students are provided with reading recommendations and helpful study tools, as well as quizzes to check understanding and progress.  Courses are available online, or in a mobile format so they are accessible to everyone.


Courses in this program are hosted on a separate site and can be found at  The first course, Basics of Biblical Interpretation is now available and other courses will be added over time.  To book cohorts of students together, contact

Core Curriculum: 6 Courses

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Small Group Development
  • Basics of Biblical Interpretation
  • Effective Outreach
  • Disciplemaking: How People Grow
  • Lesson Development and Delivery

Additional Course Offerings

  • Reading the Gospels
  • Meet the Old Testament
  • Meet the New Testament
  • Healthy Family Foundations
  • Lessons From History